10 Surprising Uses Of Orange Peel

Oranges are delicious and nutritious fruits, but did you ever think that their shell is very useful? Here are 10 surprising uses of orange peel. In this article you will find out how to use orange peel! From now on, you will not throw it away!

1. Remove traces of stone:

You definitely have in house metal containers that left traces of stone. You can easily remove traces by rubbing them with an orange peel. Oils contained in the orange peel will dissolve the stone and leave the container shiny.

2. Lighten the wood:

The white part of orange peel provides shine of wooden furniture.

3. Sponge dish:

Use fresh orange peel to clean the dishes. It acts like an excellent sponge. Works amazing to clean the stove

4. Cleaner:

Put in a bowl the grated orange peel, cover with vinegar, and leave it in the refrigerator for several weeks. Occasionally stir the contents. Then, transfer the solution into a spray bottle and use it to clean windows, floors, tiles.

5. Insecticide:

Ants, flies, mosquitoes, all will disappear because they do not like the orange smell. Put orange peel in areas where you have problems with insects and you will see that the insects will run in a moment.

6. Room freshner:

Oranges have a fine and subtle flavor. You can prepare at home air freshener: let dry the orange peels, then give them throw the grinder coffee. Dust bags you can store in fine canvas, then sit them all over the house, in wardrobes, cupboards, etc.

7. Fresheners for trash:

No matter what, garbage is garbage and smells. To further reduce the unpleasant odor of trash, put in the bottom of it some dried orange peel, then sit the trash bag.

8. Dissolves hardened brown sugar:

If you want to prepare a cake and you noticed that brown sugar has hardened and is very difficult to use, squeeze the peel from an orange over the sugar an hour before using it. Contained oils from orange will soften the sugar and you can use it without problems on the cake.

9. Refresh your shoes:

After a day of work your shoes do not smell of spring flowers. But you can revive with … you guessed it! – Orange peel. When you come home from work, put on the shoes the bags from step 6 and leave them overnight. Odors will be absorbed.

10. Exfoliate body:

Orange peel is a wonderful as a mild scrub. Put the orange peel in a clean gauze. Then clean the whole body, as if you have a special sponge. After the “treatment” your skin will look toned, firm and shiny.